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El Doradillo

A unique place with a privileged view, where you can see whales a few meters from the coast.


The El Doradillo Natural Protected Area was created in 2001 under the management category V (IUCN): “LANDSCAPE AND MARINE PROTECTED”, by Municipal Ordinance No. 4263/01.


In 2003, the El Doradillo Protected Area Management and Development Plan was drawn up, which establishes the strategies and actions necessary to achieve the objectives of creating the area.


It is located 15 km from the city of Puerto Madryn covering an area parallel to the coast of 3 km wide, extending from Punta Arco to Prismatic Hill for 25 km.


The main attraction is the coastal sight of the Southern Right Whale, (Eubalaena australis) that congregates there every year between the months of June to October to reproduce and to nurse their young. The appearance of its coasts makes the sighting more attractive and successful, so that these huge cetaceans can be seen only a few meters from the beach, taking into account the high tide schedules which can be consulted in the Tourist Information Centers.


At the “Punta Flecha” observatory, a place created by the Natural Patagonia Foundation, it is possible to find information and interpret the life of these marine specimens.


The native fauna is present through guanacos, maras, foxes, furry and other species typical of this semi-desert ecosystem.


The characteristics of the area allow the development of other recreational activities, besides those typical of a coastal environment (sun, beach, trekking, mountain bike), such as nature photography and birdwatching.


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