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Lower Valley of the Chubut River

From the coast to the plateau, prehistory, the life of the Welsh settlers and nature are combined in a tour of the Lower Valley of the Chubut River.

At 67 km from Puerto Madryn, the National Route N ° 3 is the city of Trelew, being its first point of interest the “Egidio Feruglio Paleontological Museum” (MEF), one of the most important museums in South America that allows us to know The dinosaurs that inhabited our soil more than 65 million years ago. You can also visit the “Cacique Chiquichano Lagoon”, an ideal recreation area to go with family to share mates, talks and walks around, is very well lit and its paths perfectly marked, very close to the Bus Terminal and a few blocks From the city center. A visit worth doing if you want to be somewhat away from the hustle and bustle of the city center.
To complete this encounter with prehistory, you can reach the “Paleontological Park Bryn Gwyn”, which has fossil finds of Patagonia 40 million years ago. The Historical Museum “Pueblo de Luis” is also an important place to visit.

Te galesTaking the National Route No. 25, towards the coast, is Rawson (capital of the province of Chubut) which has public buildings and museums: “Rawson Historical Museum”, “Aquavida Interpretation Center” and “Museum of Memory”. Following this route, you will go up to the seaside resort of Playa Unión. These beaches are characterized by their wild beauty and the power of their waves, being the perfect setting for adventure activities. At the mouth of the Chubut River is located in the Port of Rawson, in Union Beach, a destination to visit, enjoy the beach, sighting dolphins overas.

Continuing the route to the west, 15 km. You will reach Gaiman, an old Welsh colony that preserves old buildings such as Welsh houses and chapels and the tradition of tea. There you can visit interesting sites such as the “Welsh Regional Museum”, “House Museum of the Poet” and the “First House of Gaiman”.

By the same route, after 35 km. Up to Dolavon where the first flour mill in the area still operates.
In the same direction, 100 km. Is the Ameghino Dam, also known as the oasis of Patagonia for its vegetation. In this seaside resort it is possible to camp and practice adventure activities.

Another attraction of the area is the Florentino Petrified Forest Ameguino, an interesting alternative to travel in a few hours, go and return in the day or for those who are going to travel to the mountain range and want to make a previous stop in this place. Visitors will be able to observe petrified logs that were part of a vast forest of lauráceas and fagáceas that existed 60 million years ago to the west of where the Florentino Ameguino Dike is located and that were transported by the rivers to the marine coasts of that moment.


GaimanThe trunks invite you to take a tour along an explanatory trail of 1,400 meters long, which takes about an hour and a half. It is possible to observe that the place where the trunks are found was an old beach with fossil marine remains, shark teeth, sea urchins, undulations on the rocks and traces of extinct marine fauna on the rocks.

To get to the place you must take the National Route No. 25 from Trelew and at the height of kilometer 112 take the south access and travel about 3.5 kilometers. The only access is passing 20 kilometers from the place called Las Chapas. The site has a reception office and bathrooms for ladies and gentlemen. Once there, a preliminary introduction is made to the route along the trail with explanatory signs.

Gaiman Returning and to reach the coast you can tour the Agrotourism Circuit of the Enchanted River Valley which includes 10 establishments where different activities are carried out related to the production of typical products of the area such as artisan wines, fine fruit, dairy products, flowers, aromatic herbs. There are also walks in historical establishments.

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