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Punta Tombo

Walking among penguins makes Punta Tombo the most popular excursion for nature lovers.

Punta Tombo Protected Natural Area is the largest continental reserve of Magellanic Penguins (Spheniscus magellanicus) with an adult population of more than 400,000 specimens.

It was created for conservation in order to ensure benefits for present and future generations.

The reserve consists of a path of approximately 3 km (round trip), an Interpretation Center where you can better understand the life of the Magellan Penguin and discover that other fauna accompanies it.

The season where the penguins are seen comprises the months from September to March.

How to get

Departing from Puerto Madryn to the south by the RN Nº3 and after crossing 112 km, passing through the city of Trelew, you reach the intersection with the RP Nº75, crossing this -21 km- you access the RP Nº1 – of gravel -. After 38 km, you will arrive at Punta Tombo Protected Natural Area. An entrance fee is payable to access the area. It has a bar and health services.

Punta Tombo – Pingüinos de Magallanes

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