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Kayak in Golfo Nuevo

It is a short kayak expedition of only half a day, seeking to mix the adventure and the excitement of sailing in a sea kayak, along with a very serious interpretation of the natural environment in which this activity takes place.


Together with specialized guides, you will meet in a double sea kayak, in the waters of the Golfo Nuevo, making different stops for the observation and interpretation of the geography of the place.
It is an expedition of very low physical exigency, what makes of this one of the most chosen ones, by those who do not have previous experience.
It is a very recommendable trip to do with family and for all those who little by little want to go diving in the activity of Sea Kayak

Departures in the early hours of the morning or schedule to agree with the agency according to the weather conditions.
•• Pick up the accommodation.
•• Mini city tour in the south of Puerto Madryn
• Tour in special 4×4 vehicles to the beach.
• Arrival at the beginning beach
•• Introductory talk to kayak activity.
•• Short test sailing and kayak habituation.
•• Interpretation of marine ecosystems.
•• Observation of a colony of South American Gaviotines (according to the season)
•• Tour bordering cliffs.
•• Observation of a Colony of Black-necked Cormorants.
•• Tour visiting small caves on the cliffs.
• Visit and observation of a colony of sea lions.
•• Interpretation of the same.
• Tour and stop on the coast.
•• Small break
•• Snack and snack
•• Return by kayak to the starting point by visiting the fauna colonies again.
Return to Puerto Madryn.

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