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Snorkel with sea lions


In the midst of a diversity of underwater fauna, we discover why Puerto Madryn is a highly sought after destination for diving. Known as the National Capital of Diving, Puerto Madryn is the pearl of activity.

Diving with sea lions was carried out unrestricted until the early 1980s and it was during the following decades that the development of the activity was prohibited due to lack of correct studies. For some, it was easier to forbid than to actually think about the damage that this activity might cause.

Today the situation has changed completely and the activity is practiced in the vicinity of Punta Loma and in the colony of sea lions of Punta Ameghino, with some restrictions that have to do with the time of the immersion and with a special training that receive the Guides called “Specialty Diving with Marine Mammals”.

Departures are usually made in the morning and sailing to the place does not exceed 30 minutes. The average immersion time is 45 minutes and the animals can not be touched, although they often look for “mimos” in the diver, a way to express their affection for the stranger who dips in their habitat. The first to approach the diver are usually the juvenile wolves, more curious, and are often supervised by the adults who come behind. The show is really unique and you have to live the experience to understand it and tell it to other divers.

• The activity includes transfers, equipment and instructor.
• Total duration: 3 hours (in water up to 45 minutes)
• The night before the excursion, the departure is confirmed according to the weather conditions. In case it is not favorable, the tour is postponed to the next day.
• Reservations are made the day before.
• The excursion is only done at high tide.
• If you are Dive Master or you have some underwater experience, you can do dive with Sea Lions.

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